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Mentor Computer Consulting LLC provides design services for Embedded Microcontroller, Embedded SBC, PC and Sun workstation platforms.  It has a 30 year record (.doc / .txt / .pdf) of effective designs going back to the advent of the microprocessor in the 1970s and publication in such early micro journals as Kilobaud MICROCOMPUTING and Commander magazines.

Embedded Microcontroller System Design
The Embedded Microcontroller is the most prevalent "computer" in society.   MC-Squared provides digital and mixed-signal microcontroller systems hardware and software design services to provide customers with efficient embedded solutions for control and communications tasks, utilizing "bare" platforms or small footprint RTOS environments.
Embedded Networked Single-Board Computer Software Design
The Embedded Networked Single-Board Computer (SBC) marries processors powerful enough to support networked applications and the small size of single-board computers.   MC-Squared provides Linux, VxWorks, SMX, QNX, and other RTOS software design services to provide customers with powerful networked real-time solutions.
Sun Software Design
The Sun workstation is one of the most popular Unix and Real-Time OS platforms around. MC-Squared provides Sun Solaris and RTOS software design services to provide customers with powerful real-time solutions, especially in the communications area.
PC and PocketPC Software Design
The IBM PC-compatible computer has revolutionized the world.  MC-Squared provides PC software design services to provide customers with rapid solutions in many areas, including Embedded PC applications requiring customized BIOS or chipset programming.

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